by Nissan Cohen and Brian L. Johnson

This article was originally published in the July – August 2017 issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

Virtually all users of pharmaceutical water systems pursue lower maintenance and operational costs, increased reliability, and improved life cycle management. Biopharmaceutical companies are looking for innovative methods and newer technology to increase throughput, quality, and uptime.

Ozone technology delivers the most powerful commercially available oxidant and disinfectant with few detrimental or detracting issues. Ozone sanitization and disinfection has been used for decades, and its adoption in pharmaceutical water systems has been increasing for several years, although it has not yet been adopted broadly in the industry.

When used in lieu of hot water or chemical sanitization for ambient temperature purified-water systems, ozone prevents the accumulation of microbials and organics and requires less maintenance over the life cycle of the water system. In addition, at 24/7 administration ozone is:
– 85% less expensive than hot water sanitization five times a week
– 20% less expensive than once-weekly hot water sanitization
– Tens of thousands of dollars less than twice yearly chemical sanitization

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